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Glass for Clean and Class

Posted by Denise Hummel on

I prefer things of substance, reliability and longevity.  Most products offered at Nuthatch Decor and Gifts are made of cast iron, ceramics, metals, wood, glass or canvas.  My own decor style is in displaying things of material substance and strength. Each material has a history of their own and has survived years and years of use.  Recycled or re-purposed materials bring extra joy in knowing that they have a past history of all their own. For the next few posts, I plan to feature different decor materials, products examples and interior character brought with each.  This first post is about the clean and class of Glass.


Beveled, textured and leaded glass products featured in this photo:  Charming Beveled Glass Frame - 4x6 Horizontal

Glass is an ancient element, dating back to the stone age. Some of my favorite glass items are by artist Kathy Gustafson of J. Devlin Art Glass.  I was given a gift of a J. Devlin picture frame a few months ago and right away knew I wanted to offer her quality made glass products as a luxury decor or gift item. Glass speaks of strength, elegance and history.  Although J. Devlin products have the appearance of leaded glass, products are made with non-leaded solder to meet today's safety standards. Beveled glass can act like a prism with the light bouncing off multiple sides of the glass and coming together to create a beautiful reflection and sometimes a full spectrum of colors.  


Beveled glass products featured in this photo:  Charmed Beveled Glass Keepsake Box and Square Beveled Glass Keepsake Box

Recycled Glass
Recycled glass usually has a lot of character. My first notable recycled glass item was a gift from my daughter; a HomArt Recycled Glass Bulb vase. Most recycled glass has imperfections and is thicker and stronger — kind of like a person who has gone through a few life's challenges.  Like us, recycled glass develops its strength by breaking down, melting and reshaping itself. 


Recycled and textured glass products featured in this photo:  Recycled Glass Bulb Vase - Turqouise and Charming Beveled Glass Frame - 4x6 Vertical

Glass products featured in this picture:  Geo Trio Glass Vase Set

Clear glass, although it can feel heavy, adds a cool and clean look of weightlessness. Like the glass Geo Vases pictured above, adding bevels, textures and shapes enhances the character of a product and can satisfy the decor style you are looking to achieve.  It's also proven that glass is a great gift to give.

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